21Jul 2009


This is part of a story about a dragonrider named Nysandra Tapling and her constant scaled companion Grakoth. This is actually taken from somewhere in the middle…apparently my muse did not want me to start from the beginning. It’s a little unpolished so if it’s a wee bit confusing, that’s why.

So it seemed that Nys’s duties, as she was first told by the recruiter, were to be that of a messenger. She was secretly relieved at this fact, for she knew that just as her short and roundish figure would earn her no glances from men, it was equally troublesome when it came to hand-to-hand combat. What swordsmanship she had learned in the scant few weeks of her military training were scarcely competent; she knew just enough to keep herself alive for a few minutes against a single enemy. And she was not even able to handle a standard longsword, instead using a short sword that was more to her stature. Apparently growing up on a horse farm doesn’t help when it comes to fighting, she said one day to her wild-dragon Grakoth as they were flying high in the clouds on yet another errand.

Grakoth’s deep chuckle echoed pleasantly in her mind and for the umpteenth time since she had met him, she was very eternally grateful for his companionship. In the end it did not matter if her melee skills were less than stellar, only that Grakoth could out-fly and outmaneuver the enemy’s dragons. There was only one that ever seemed to be able to keep up paces with them, another wild-dragon with blue scales so dark they were almost black. The Desari rider of that dragon donned black and other darkly-coloured clothing during the night and wore vividly white cloth when the hot sun was at its brightest. Always was his face hidden under a full face mask, but so were all the other enemy dragonriders. Nys’s head too was shrouded in cloth when she flew with Grakoth, partly because she enjoyed the anonymity that she had grown familiar with when they had flown in the Races. However, mostly it was to help keep the harsh mountain wind, and any debris it carried with it, out of her mouth and eyes.

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21Jul 2009

It’s here!

And I’m loving it already. Soooooo much better than having to carry around a backpack or trying to cram my wallet and keys into my pockets. The silver dragon print actually isn’t that subtle at all and I think it looks beautiful. I am very happy with it.

09Jul 2009

My own personalized messenger bag

I hate purses. I really do. They either are too big or too small and they are NEVER in my sort of style (which has been labelled the “gamer girl” style by a friend of mine). Carrying around a backpack has gotten old, especially when all I need to be carrying is my wallet and car keys. I usually just shove them into my pockets but that doesn’t work so well all the time, especially when a lot of the dress pants I wear to work don’t have any pockets. /grumble

I needed something that I could use just about anywhere, whether going to work in my business casual clothes or heading out to game with some friends in my jeans and t-shirt.

First thing I looked for what different kind of bags. I found that I liked the style and size of messenger bags. Then when I was searching for a pattern that I liked, I came across Etsy. I had stumbled across the website before but hadn’t explored it fully. For some reason I thought that it only sold…well, items that you’re likely to find at a small town craft sale (which are nice but not what I’m looking for). I found Broake and Thumb Studio on Etsy which offered a really lovely blue denim messenger bag with an asian dragon print on it. I just about bought it that instant…until I noticed the “Request Custom Item” link.

Of course, an item customed to my tastes is very appealing to me. After much back and forth with the seller, my bag was made.

I just got the email this morning saying that it has been shipped off and should be here in about a week. I can’t wait!