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21Jul '09
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This is part of a story about a dragonrider named Nysandra Tapling and her constant scaled companion Grakoth. This is actually taken from somewhere in the middle…apparently my muse did not want me to start from the beginning. It’s a little unpolished so if it’s a wee bit confusing, that’s why. So it seemed that […]

21Jul '09
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It’s here!

And I’m loving it already. Soooooo much better than having to carry around a backpack or trying to cram my wallet and keys into my pockets. The silver dragon print actually isn’t that subtle at all and I think it looks beautiful. I am very happy with it. Like this:Like Loading…

09Jul '09
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My own personalized messenger bag

I hate purses. I really do. They either are too big or too small and they are NEVER in my sort of style (which has been labelled the “gamer girl” style by a friend of mine). Carrying around a backpack has gotten old, especially when all I need to be carrying is my wallet and […]

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