19May 2010

The Execution (of The Plan): Part 1

As detailed in The Plan, the first objective was to purchase reseller hosting. I did that…and discovered that I didn’t like the chosen host. They had a few too many restrictions for me to deal with, and they were a little bit on the abrupt side when it came to customer relations. So I went searching again, discovered another host that I had disregarded before because they had a similar name to an infamously bad host. I dug a bit to make sure they indeed had no connections to the bad host, read some reviews, and decided to give them a shot by purchasing a month.

I have been very impressed so far. There was an issue with my account creation but I was able to log onto their live support chat (which the first host didn’t have) and only had to wait a few minutes for someone to talk to me. The guy apologized for the mistake and fixed it promptly and courteously. I mean, I understand that mistakes happen, there’s no avoiding it. It’s how they are dealt with that shows the true nature of the customer support. And they handled it excellently. Of course, I’d like to have more experience with them (aka 3 months or so) before I make a final judgment on them. But so far I’m liking it. I haven’t decided if the Lair will move to this new host as well, I’m still pretty loyal to Fan St. It’s only their lack of reseller program that has sent me looking for other hosts.

What I’m excited about is that I’m already hosting a few people. Just friends mind you but you have to start somewhere, right? I figure that starting with these folks will give me the opportunity to get my feet wet while still having the chance to be forgiven if I screw something up. >.>

So having said that, if there’s anyone reading this blog who’s looking to get a website hosted/built, let me know through comments or email and I’ll see what I can do for you. Chances are you will get the low low price of free. ;)