29Apr 2011

Shaping the world around you

I’m going to start waving my old lady cane around and talk about how things were “when I was a young’n.” Back then, we did have a computer with games, TV, and a gaming console. However, the computer was running Windows 3.1, there were a whole 5 TV channels to choose from, and the console was an N64 with only a handful of games. I’m certain I would have spent a lot more time with these electronics if my parents hadn’t rightly told me to “go play outside” or “get off that thing, it will rot your brain.”

I suppose most kids who lived in the city, upon hearing that, would have gone off to the park to play with their friends. And children who lived on farms were never short on chores to do and vast tracks of lands to explore. I, on the other hand, grew up on a 2-acre plot in a rural area with little to no friends within walking distance. My only playmate the majority of the time was my younger brother.

Both of us grew up with healthy imaginations that must have grown out of a combination of fantasy books and having vast amounts of time by ourselves. From this also came a desire to build things, to craft whole worlds.

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