13May 2011

Growing by leaps and bounds

As the saying goes, “People who live in stone houses shouldn’t throw horses.” Or something like that. The guy who said it the other day was mostly grumbling to himself and stumbling down the road with a jug of sour-smelling wine in his hand.

Anyways, despite us finally starting to build our stone house, we won’t be throwing around our horses. In fact, the white breeding pair that was gifted to us by a neighbour will be greatly treasured and completely spoiled rotten by yours truly.


Their names are Honeyally (male) and Warriormolly (female). It’s unfortunate that there doesn’t seem to be a way to rename them because they were totally destined to be named Wesley and Buttercup. (+10 internetz if you know where that reference comes from.)

Vahkt brought them into our paddock early in the morning when I was already at work so unfortunately I couldn’t log on to see them until the evening. The first thing that I did when I was online though is quickly craft a grooming brush and rush down to give them a good brushing. Between my lack of animal husbandry skill and their being rather skittish of their new owner, it took me several tries. But soon their coats were gleaming and they were pleased to have such a good grooming. Continue reading "Growing by leaps and bounds"

09May 2011

Terhenetar, our virtual home

In the Finnish epic the ‘Kalevala’ Terhenetär is a sprite associated with mist and forests.

Names mean a lot to me and Vahkt, so it should be no surprise that it took us a few days to decide what to call our new home in Wurm Online. We went through places in fantasy novels, lists of Germanic castles, and combinations of Polish words before I had mentioned the name Terhenetar, something I had come across while browsing one of my favorite name sites. Vahkt had been leaning more towards Polish names so I had thought that a Finnish word wouldn’t have been as interesting to him. Little did I know that he absolutely adored the ‘Kalevala‘ and its influence on Lord of the Rings. (Heck, I had never even heard of the thing before. >.>) Since I thought it was a beautiful name and described the foggy, wooded area we had settled in well, there was no further need for discussion. Terhenetar was now the name of our new home.

Let me describe how exactly our plot is situated before I give the screenshots I promised. The “base” of our plot sits up on a small plateau on the side of a hill, surrounded by stone walls that Vahkt has crafted. In there is our forge, oven, and multitude of storage containers. It is also the future site of our house, which I will talk about in a moment.

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05May 2011

First impressions

I had some new screenshots of the progress Vahkt and I have been making on our little homestead but unfortunately I can’t access my home computer right now from work. So they’ll have to come at a later date.

My previous post was more of a general overview of Wurm Online for people who don’t know anything about it, so now I’d like to indulge myself and ramble on about what we’ve actually done in the past week or so that we’ve been playing. :)

After I had finished the tutorial Friday and arrived the Howl, Vahkt and I wandered around the nearby area for a while, feeling bewildered as we asked each other, “Okay…now what?” We had all the starter tools but no compass and no in-game map.

We quickly found WurmPedia, THE bible for all Wurm players, and a community created map of the Freedom Server (thank god). We traveled to the Freedom Market with the help of signs along the road and this place became our standard point of reference for the next few days. In the middle of it is a settlement token which is used to claim an area of land. Handily, it appears in-game as a pedestal with a sun clock on the top that also labels the cardinal directions.

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