29Jun 2011

Dalea’s Pub Crawl

As someone who doesn’t drink, I often have the unique view of being the only sober person (and permanent designated driver) around a lot of drunks. So I can remember some of the hilarious things that happened when others were wasted out of their minds. The following two conversations actually happened and are retold from Dalea’s point of view as she gets smashed herself for Inn League rep.

Just looking at the screen makes me feel like I have a hangover

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28Jun 2011

Building blocks and killing orcs

Why hello there! Long time no see. As I’m sure you all know by now, I have this wonderful habit of disappeared for oh, a month or two and then reappearing when I feel like it. As a matter of fact, plenty of things I do are because “I feel like it”.

Like for example how I’ve completely gravitated away from Wurm Online (our poor animals are starving by now) and have become occupied with Minecraft and Lord of the Rings Online.

Virtual Legos plus mobs that ‘splode

Minecraft fulfills my childhood need to build stuff, only this time I can do it virtually instead of springing for expensive (but awesomely fun) Legos. Rades and Vahkt’s friend Jorgath managed to sway me to promises of cute pet wolves with red bandanas, which I was pretty much helpless to. So that day I bought a pair of copies, one for me and one for Vahkt so we could play together. Initially Vahkt wasn’t quite as pumped about it as I was, probably because he wasn’t there for the pet wolves discussion. But once we started playing, he was hooked. We muddled through the learning process together, coming to conclusions like the very first thing you build after a set of tools is a well-lit cave to hide in at night because creepers are merciless SOBs. Continue reading "Building blocks and killing orcs"