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14Dec '12
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Some Wurm Online 1.0 screenshots

I’ve only been able to play the updated Wurm for a few hours but so far it looks…FANTASTIC! Redoing the floors and roofs of all my buildings will be a bit of a grind but I really like that you can pick the roofing type for each tile if you wanted. And being able to […]

11Dec '12
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Wurm Online 1.0: Out with the old, in with the new

It’s the eve of a very special day for Wurm Online. Tomorrow is the grand launch of version 1.0, which the developer Rolf says takes the game out of its open beta stage and into a marketable version. Now, there will still be features that won’t be ready for 1.0, including things like actual bridges […]

05Dec '12
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I’m new to Wurm Online…what do I do?

Today PC Gamer wrote an article about Wurm Online officially launching next week, and then Notch and a whole ton of other people retweeted it. So us current players saw a large influx of new players who are very confused as to what’s going on. And their numbers will only increase as the launch gets […]

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