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19Jul '15
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Trove streaming!

Queues and crashes Trion keeps bring the servers down and back up (and sometimes they just crash on their own) so getting to play Trove has been a little spotty. The queue times have been pretty much consistently at 30 minutes, although there were a few exceptions where it was 10-15 minutes. I really do […]

15Jul '15
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Banished and Isolated

Lately I’ve been playing good old Banished again when I’m not doing something in Trove. In particular, I’m chasing after achievements in the game. I’m not usually someone who cares about achievements but I like the way they’re done in Banished. Some of them are ones that you’ll just get in the process of playing […]

14Jul '15
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Summer Sabbatical Summary

My summer vacation for this year is now over. Lord Crumb has returned to the land of the Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, and I’m back at work, trying to remember what the heck I was working on before I left. It was really sad to see him leave because we had a lot of […]

04Jul '15
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Enjoying my summer vacation

I had really intended to have a bunch of scheduled posts ready for when Lord Crumb came to visit. However, it took much longer to clean the house than I thought it would, so much so that I finished just before he arrived. Since then, we’ve been too busy playing Trove and other games, visiting […]

23Jun '15

Women want heroes too

A little while ago, I was reading a blog post about a guy who was playing a Bayonetta game. He mentioned that critics call the game sexist but he didn’t think so because while she is sexy, she was first and foremost badass in his mind. So how could that be a bad thing? I […]

21Jun '15
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Mastery level 20 gives you wings!

Just a short post before bed here, folks. There’s been lots of Trove playing once again, mostly because I managed to get Lord Crumb hooked on it. He tried it out one evening and when I joined him, he was already a level 4 Neon Ninja (although that only takes about 15 minutes to get […]

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