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27May '15
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Screenshot Safari: The Scariest Place #NBI2015Safari

It’s time for my last entry for the Screenshot Safari and I thought it would be nice to go with one from Dying Light that I took just this week. Of course, it falls under The Scariest Places. This was taken at a power station that was chock full of zombies, at least 200 of […]

26May '15
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Talkback Challenge #4: The Seven Deadly Sins

For this week’s Talkback Challenge, there’s not one question but seven, based on the seven deadly sins. Here we go… Lust – Do you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not? Ugh. No, just no. I enjoy […]

23May '15
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Screenshot Safari: High Fantasy #NBI2015Safari

My third submission to the Screenshot Safari is in the High Fantasy category and is from the game Divinity: Original Sin. Here we are in the divine realm, having just defeated a void dragon thing with the help of a goddess. That swirly blue thing in the background is The End of Time, which is […]

21May '15
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Talkback Challenge #3: What Made You A Gamer?

This week Talkback Challenge is an interesting one. Well, they’re all interesting really, but this one has been leading me back down Memory Lane. I imagine I don’t have your typical background for a gamer. Before we had anything video game related, my family would sometimes play board and card games. I would only play […]

20May '15
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Screenshot Safari: Landscape #NBI2015Safari

It’s time for another Screenshot Safari post! This time I picked the landscape theme and immediately ran across a problem. Namely, I love taking screenshots of beautiful landscapes. So the majority of my screenshots are of landscapes and boy do I have a lot that I love. So first I had to whittle it down […]

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