06Jun '15
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Explosions and other zombie fun

I posted some quick screenshots for Dying Light here and here, but I haven’t had a chance to talk much about it yet. So let me begin by summing it up for you…

It’s fun. It is so much bloody fun, in both meanings of the word “bloody”.

Gore galore!

Gore galore!

Lord Crumb and I wanted to play together right from the beginning, but we discovered that we needed to go through the intro/tutorial separately before we could play co-op. I believe it took us about an hour to finish. From there, it was really easy for one of us to join the other’s game through Steam, and I was happy to see that a character’s progress and inventory are saved independently from the game, which meant that it didn’t really matter who was the host. We also soon found out that we could help each other attack and kill the same zombie, but almost all non-quest items were spawned just for our own characters. This mean that we could attack the same zombie but both still loot something from its body, often different items thanks to the RNG. The same applies for any containers so we never had to worry about stealing each other’s items. I think this goes a long way to encouraging players to work together rather than against one another. Read more →

04Jun '15
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A thank you to the NBI community

I had planned to publish a post about Dying Light today but I ended up reinstalling my OS today and I’m currently in the long, arduous process of installing Windows updates and getting all my games and programs back. So the post will have to wait until tomorrow at least.

But when I saw that this year’s NBI awards had been handed out and that I actually won a community award, I knew that I had to say something.


I joined this just hoping to get inspiration for more posts but I’ve been overwhelmed by just how friendly and encouraging everyone has been over the past month. So thank you all not just for the award, but also for the support you’ve given to myself and other bloggers. I have a bit of Imposter Syndrome over this award (or any sort of recognition really) and I think that a lot of the other newbie bloggers write better than I do, but I’ll try my best to believe that my blog is liked that much.

I’d like to congratulate the other award winners: Tyrannodorkus for the Good Moniker Medal (it really is a good name), Gamer Girl Confessions for The Epic Bard, and Randark’s Review for Frontline Champ. And congrats to all of the other 2015 newbies for surviving the month of May, it was sure hectic!

02Jun '15
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Looking back on #NBI2015

May is now over, which means that this year’s Newbie Blogger Initiative has also drawn to a close. When I first joined, I didn’t know where I would fit into things since I wasn’t really a newbie blogger nor a veteran, but mostly a lapsed blogger. I was struggling to post even once a week, and sometimes I would only manage once a month. “Reliable” is not my middle name when it comes to blogging. But since I join NBI on May 7, I managed to write 12 posts between then and May 31. That may not seem like a particularly large number but that averages to about 4 a week, a significant increase over my usual posting schedule. I’m not certain if I could keep that pace up since I was pretty tired of writing by the end. Which is not to say I didn’t enjoy it because I certainly did. Anyways, now I know that posting two or three times a week would definitely be doable and I wouldn’t look like such a slacker.

Part of the problem I’ve had is figuring out just what I’d like to write a post about. I have all these ideas when I’m not writing, but it seems as soon as I actually sit down in front of a keyboard, my mind goes blank. So I’ve begun a list on my phone that can be added to whenever I think of something, and I can check things off after I’ve written them. It’s great because I keep my phone with me almost all of the time. I make lists for grocery shopping all the time, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Thanks for Syp from Bio Break for that fantastic tip.

Over the course of the month, I also found a whole bunch of blogs to add to my Feedly and to my blogroll on this site. Feedly looked so bare before since most of the bloggers I used to follow have stopped writing, so it’s great to see some new material every day. Even if it took me half of the month to catch up on everyone’s posts because lord, you people post a lot! (Not a bad thing of course.) I’m making it my goal to eventually add all of my fellow “graduates” for this year so I’ll have even more to read.

Speaking of which, here’s a list of said graduates:

So I therefore declare NBI2015 a huge success and I look forward to joining again next year as a sponsor/veteran. I hope to see all of this year’s graduates there too.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of the veteran bloggers and committee members that created and supported NBI. You guys did a great job and I’d give you all cookies if I could.

29May '15
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Thoughts on Divinity: Original Sin

Earlier this week, I posted a couple of screenshots from Divinity: Original Sin for the Screenshot Safari. I got a couple of comments on the post and on Twitter from folks expressing interest in playing the game. I know that the screenshots look rather nice but they don’t tell the whole story about the game, what it’s like. Having spent 122 hours in the game and completed nearly every side quest in the official campaign, I think I can safely say that I have an informed opinion about it. I’ll try to break this down into three lists.

Caveats: I played Original Sin entirely in co-op mode with Lord Crumb so I have little to no experience with the single player mode. The only Divinity game I’ve played before this was a little bit of Divinity II.

The Good


The graphics. As seen in the screenshot above as well as my previous post, the graphics are quite well done. They paid a lot of attention to detail when they created the landscape and I only wish I could have gotten a better angle with the camera to take some beautiful shots. There was everything from deep forests to underground caverns to windswept deserts to floating islands in space.

Featuring blood pools, fire patches, and poison clouds

The environmental effects. This is something that you don’t see very often in games. If your character was on fire and walked into water, the flames would be put out. If you throw a fireball at a piece of ground that’s covered in poison, the poison will explode. Casting lightning on an enemy standing in water will electrify the whole puddle, possibly stunning other enemies (and allies). It made for some really interesting gameplay where we had to be conscious of our surroundings and who was standing where. There were more than a few times when we accidentally (or intentionally) lit our own characters on fire or stunned them with electricity. The graphics for these were also very cool. Read more →

27May '15
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Screenshot Safari: The Scariest Place #NBI2015Safari

It’s time for my last entry for the Screenshot Safari and I thought it would be nice to go with one from Dying Light that I took just this week. Of course, it falls under The Scariest Places.

Dying Light: Power station

This was taken at a power station that was chock full of zombies, at least 200 of them. My gaming partner Lord Crumb died once when he accidentally fell among them and there was no way I could save him, especially since night was coming at the time. I didn’t want to get eaten by Volatiles during the night so we came back the next day armed with firecrackers to draw them into packs and Molotovs to set them alight. We spent the better part of an in-game day clearing them all out. It was a little nerve-wracking to jump from box to box to avoid 200 pairs of hands from grabbing at us. At least we didn’t come here in the middle of the night like the quest suggested.

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