Blaugust 2016: Time to try a new experiment

It’s the god-why-is-it-so-bloody-hot time of year again which means that it’s time for Blaugust 2016! It almost didn’t happen because it was a lot of work for Belghast last year (I can only imagine all that was involved). But now…

August 2, 2016 No comments

7 Days to Die: There’s a lot of death

So co-op games with Lord Crumb…haven’t talked about those in a long while. Mostly because I haven’t been able to play them or circumstances have gotten in the way. But the two of us are back together like some sort…

August 1, 2016 6 comments

Steam Summer Sale loot + NBI 2016 in review

Game lootz! I’d been waiting for the Steam Summer Sale for months so I could get some of the games on my wishlist on sale. And, as it turns out, some games that were not on my wishlist as well….

July 7, 2016 No comments

The beginning of automation: so many metals

I’ve been hard at work in Agrarian Skies 2, mostly trying to figure out the different mods and how they work together. I thought that the quest system was good at teaching you the mechanics but it seems now that…

July 5, 2016 3 comments

I always come back to blocks

These days, other bloggers are talking about VR games and the latest and greatest MMOs. What am I doing? Being obsessed with a game I’ve owned since 2011: Minecraft. I had been flitting around my game library recently, playing one…

June 21, 2016 No comments

Stardew Valley Diverse Characters Mod

I think Stardew Valley is a fantastic game but if there’s one thing about it that’s bothered me since the beginning, it’s the fact that it’s rather whitewashed. Demetrius and his daughter Maru are the only non-white people in the…

June 9, 2016 3 comments