27Jul 2013

Cave Clutter: So many games!

I really feel like I should be blogging more. I seem to have all these great ideas when I have no time for blogging, and then when I finally get to sit down…I usually end up feeling blah about it and simply playing games. I’m an awesome procrastinator that way.

So I’ve made a resolution: I am going to post at least once a week. I should be able to find an hour or two to type up a post somewhere in that time frame. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? …Right? If I fail, my boyfriend is to blame since I’ve tasked him with making sure I do this a-post-a-week thing.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to be whimsical and call the posts that are just full of miscellaneous things I did this week “Cave Clutter”. Get it? Because this is called The Lair of the Wolf Dragon. Oh, the things I do to amuse myself…

So, welcome to the first Cave Clutter post! This is probably the best time to start this sort of post off since I’ve been playing A LOT of different games in the last little while. The Steam Summer Sale is to blame for this. You see, I’ve never actually paid much attention to Steam until about a month or two ago. So I had never participated in a Steam sale before. Wow, I can see why everyone loves them now. The sales were really amazing. I don’t usually buy many games throughout the year but by the end of the sale, I had purchased about two dozen games (some came in collections), most of them for 50% or more off. If it looked vaguely interesting, I bought it. A couple of them turned out to be not really my thing, but for the majority, I’m really glad I spent the money on them.

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17Jul 2013

The Secret World: The first 30 minutes of confusion

Wall of text and The Secret World spoilers ahead! Turn back! Beware! BEWARE!

Please continue reading if you are unafraid of either of these things. You have been warned. ;)

The Steam Summer Sale has prompted me to have a “what the hell, it might be interesting” attitude towards a bunch of games. As a result, I’ve bought several games on sale, including The Secret World MMO.

I had been intrigued when the beta for this game was first announced, but I had never actually gotten around to trying it because I was distracted by other games. Now here it was, 50% off and no subscription required. Too tempting not to give a shot.

I was somewhat stunned to see Steam downloading 18GB for TSW, and then rolled my eyes when the launcher then downloaded another couple GBs of patches. Whatever, it’s an MMO. Large file sizes are to be expected. I was hoping to have more time to play but once all of the downloads had finished, I only had about 1/2 hour to play around before bedtime. I decided to test it out anyways.

First I had to create a character. After watching the videos for each faction, I chose the Dragon. The Illuminati are essentially bad guys who wanted ALL THE POWER, and the Templars are lawful to the point of fascism. The Dragon seems interesting, all about chaos and subtly calculating and manipulating details to make an outcome in their favor. I do like about how each faction is neither good nor evil, but complex systems that all cross the moral line at some point. I greatly simplified what each of them are like, but that’s basically how I saw them.

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18May 2013

Building mania: the Twin Feathers Inn

The Twin Feathers Inn is probably the pièce de résistance of Ravenstone. The original idea had been to build separate structures for a residence and a kitchen. However, I realized that every medieval village needs its center of activity: the local inn. So slowly but surely, the stone L-shaped building was erected on a prime piece of land that had a beautiful view of the lake and some trees.

Prior to 1.0, it was a single storey building that sported a kitchen, a common room, and 3 small bedrooms for occupants.

Twin Feather Inn: ground floor layout

Twin Feather Inn: ground floor layout

Of course, the first thing that needed to be completed were the outer walls. Then some beds were built…because before then, I had nowhere to sleep on deed.

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