05Dec '12
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I’m new to Wurm Online…what do I do?

Today PC Gamer wrote an article about Wurm Online officially launching next week, and then Notch and a whole ton of other people retweeted it. So us current players saw a large influx of new players who are very confused as to what’s going on. And their numbers will only increase as the launch gets closer

Now I know that there are better information sources out there (such as the Wurm wiki), but on the off chance that Google picks this post up, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have more info out there.

So onto the common questions I’ve seen: Read more →

30Nov '12

Little Wurm Worlds

I recently found out how to make what they call “little worlds” or “little planets” with Photoshop. It essentially involves taking a picture and manipulating it so that it looks like a small planet.

Ideally you want an image where the edges are all similar. So to have the ground and the sky to each be relatively clear and smooth, and the sides should match up as best as possible.

Wurm Online has some beautiful scenery so I set out to take some screenshots and turn them into little Wurm worlds. Read more →

29Nov '12

Shift happens

Change. I’m not someone who really likes it yet it seems there’s been quite a bit of it in the past several months. I’ve gone from renting an apartment to owning my own house. My previous relationship had ended. Most of the friends I made in WoW, who were the core of my social circle really, are gone. My guild Bloodriver is gone.

When that fell apart, I did try to stay in WoW. But after a while I realized that it just wasn’t enough anymore. WoW really is a cool game but what it felt like for me was just one endless grind after another. I didn’t have any ambition to do anything in game; I would log on just for the sake of doing it. So I believe WoW has outlived its usefulness for me. Read more →

16Sep '11
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This does not represent ME

It’s only in the past couple months that I’ve been reading Go Make Me A Sandwich but I love it so much that I’ve read through the archive. It’s insightful, amusing, and points out many things that are completely facepalm worth. And while I’ve been thinking a lot about the addressed topics, I hadn’t taken the time to write up any posts about them. However, I can’t stay silent about yesterday’s post about Shelly Mazzanoble.

First of all, I’ve never read her column, nor have I ever read Dragon Magazine. I’m also not a veteran tabletop roleplayer. As of today, I have a grand total of two tabletop games under my belt: a WoW RPG that fell apart due to external drama, and a DnD 3.5 that we’ve only done two sessions of so far. Maybe if I had gone to a large school instead of a small rural one, there would have been people to play tabletops with back in high school. But there wasn’t so I spent my time playing computer RPGs and free-form PBMBs instead. The closest I ever came to a DnD game was Neverwinter Nights. Read more →

29Jun '11
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Dalea’s Pub Crawl

As someone who doesn’t drink, I often have the unique view of being the only sober person (and permanent designated driver) around a lot of drunks. So I can remember some of the hilarious things that happened when others were wasted out of their minds. The following two conversations actually happened and are retold from Dalea’s point of view as she gets smashed herself for Inn League rep.

Just looking at the screen makes me feel like I have a hangover

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