29Apr '11

Shaping the world around you

I’m going to start waving my old lady cane around and talk about how things were “when I was a young’n.” Back then, we did have a computer with games, TV, and a gaming console. However, the computer was running Windows 3.1, there were a whole 5 TV channels to choose from, and the console was an N64 with only a handful of games. I’m certain I would have spent a lot more time with these electronics if my parents hadn’t rightly told me to “go play outside” or “get off that thing, it will rot your brain.”

I suppose most kids who lived in the city, upon hearing that, would have gone off to the park to play with their friends. And children who lived on farms were never short on chores to do and vast tracks of lands to explore. I, on the other hand, grew up on a 2-acre plot in a rural area with little to no friends within walking distance. My only playmate the majority of the time was my younger brother. Read more →

23Sep '10
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Another hacker, another time that the Lair went down. Fantastic, isn’t it? Tell me, what bragging rights do people get when they hack a little out-of-the-way site?

So I ended up losing some posts in the process. I had enough foresight to go through Google Cache and find the posts I had missed. Now it’s just a matter of reposting them.

Third time’s a charm…right?

19May '10

The Execution (of The Plan): Part 1

As detailed in The Plan, the first objective was to purchase reseller hosting. I did that…and discovered that I didn’t like the chosen host. They had a few too many restrictions for me to deal with, and they were a little bit on the abrupt side when it came to customer relations. So I went searching again, discovered another host that I had disregarded before because they had a similar name to an infamously bad host. I dug a bit to make sure they indeed had no connections to the bad host, read some reviews, and decided to give them a shot by purchasing a month. Read more →

22Apr '10

If I was…

Cait over at A Delicate Poof posted a list of “If I was” statements that I thought was pretty neat. As I was reading through hers, I started thinking of what I would put for them so I decided to just post them here. :)

If I was a month, I’d be December, the month I was born in. Once you get past the cold, it’s beautiful and clean and gives you a reason to quietly curl up with a good book.

If I was a day of the week, I’d be Sunday. The lazy day to do whatever you feel like. Read more →

18Mar '10

The Plan

I want to try my hand at some small time web hosting, some paid and some free. Why? Mostly because I think it’ll be fun. Yes, I am that much of a geek.

The Plan is to buy a reseller package from a good but relatively cheap host. I emailed a couple of people running similar websites (some free, some paid) and they gave me a few recommendations and some tips, which was very kind of them. This lead me to a host that seems like a pretty good fit for what I want.

I’m undecided as to whether I should move all of my websites there or not. Really what I should do is just move Enspirit (which will become my hosting company name) and see how it works out. I’m a little reluctant to leave Fan St. which has been so very good to me since I bought hosting from them in 2006. However, they seem to be a little non-responsive at times, which isn’t the best thing.

Anyways, I think I’ll just move Enspirit over there and see how it works. And Enspirit still needs a redesign. >.<

Cross your fingers and wish me good luck, folks.