10Sep '14

Compact archives in WordPress without a plugin

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you might have an archive index page that lists your posts by month or year for easy viewing. And if you’ve been blogging for a long time, that list might be rather long like mine was.

And there are whole months that I skipped

And there are whole months that I skipped

Instead of such a lengthy list, what if you had something more compact? Where each year was a single line and all of the months, whether you posted in them or not, were listed horizontally. Read more →

08Sep '14
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Cave Clutter: Playing on the edge

It’s that time of the year again, when I take my two week late summer/early fall vacation and do my best to do absolutely nothing but relax and play games. Although a week has already passed and I’ve spent a good chunk of it working on this blog and writing posts at a rate that’s unheard of for me. I’m actually ahead of the game, scheduling posts to be published in the future. I honestly have no idea what’s gotten into me but at least I can count this as being productive?

Luckily I have enough games to keep this vacation overall unproductive, just as it should be. Games such as… Read more →

06Sep '14
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Caer Blaidd: The foundation has been laid

It’s been a couple months since we deeded Caer Blaidd on Xanadu and some progress has been made on. If you’ll remember from my first video, I had terraformed about a quarter of the deed, put up a temporary horse pen, and dumped all of our stuff in a messy pile in the middle. Since then, I’ve worked on the deed in spurts, spending a day here and there just terraforming and building. And then there are other days where all I do is log in for an half an hour to farm. So it’s progress, just slow progress.

In this video, you’ll see that the guard tower, stables, workshop, and smithy have all been built, the tunnel connecting the deed to the boat cave and the water has been started, and that I’ve begun to breed animals and farm. There’s still a pile of bulk bins that need to be cleaned up but hey, it’s  a start. Anyways, I should let the video speak for itself. (And I have a different mic now so hopefully my voice sounds better.)

03Sep '14

Styling the Jetpack Subscribe by Email widget

Back in August 2013, I ran into some trouble trying to apply CSS to the submit button of the Jetpack Subscribe by Email widget. One of the things I said was:

You can’t use “name” or “value” to select it with CSS…

Well actually, I was wrong. You can indeed select an item using one of its attributes. So while using the :last-child selector does indeed work, there’s a much more efficient method: using [attr="val"]. Read more →

01Sep '14
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Neverwinter Nights: The Aielund Saga

Back in July I talked about one of my favorite player-made modules, Tales of Arterra. Today’s post is about my other favorite, The Aielund Saga.

While Tales of Arterra was only two parts, The Aielund Saga is made up of four acts, the last of which is separated into three parts. As such, it’s quite a bit longer than Tales of Arterra. The story is quite good and ends up leading to some high fantasy gameplay involving gods, angels, and demons. There’s plenty of amusing jokes throughout it and enough henchmen to choose from that if you want to learn all of their stories, you need to play through it several times. Read more →

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