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Beef up your WordPress login security with Clef

[Blaugust Day 24] If you don’t already know this, I’m going to tell you: passwords are ridiculously insecure. Even if you have a relative complex password that you never use on any other site and never tell to anyone, it…

August 25, 2015 No comments

Next/previous posts links with thumbnails and excerpts

[Blaugust Day 20] I’m going to warn you right now: if you come here to read about games and my random musings, you’ll likely want to skip this post. It’s all about teh code. WordPress code to be exact. When…

August 21, 2015 No comments

Compact archives in WordPress without a plugin

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you might have an archive index page that lists your posts by month or year for easy viewing. And if you’ve been blogging for a long time, that list might be…

September 10, 2014 No comments

Styling the Jetpack Subscribe by Email widget

Back in August 2013, I ran into some trouble trying to apply CSS to the submit button of the Jetpack Subscribe by Email widget. One of the things I said was: You can’t use “name” or “value” to select it…

September 3, 2014 No comments

CSS Fix: Backgrounds that overlap floats

It’s been quiet around here lately due to struggling with a helluva cold for the past 2 weeks all while the deadline for my major work project loomed closer. There were times where I would be up working on it…

October 17, 2013 No comments

Using CSS selectors to style the Jetpack Subscribe by Email widget

Update:There’s a better way to do this using the [attr=”value”] selector. Being a web designer, I like to make things as close to pixel perfect as I can when I’m coding. So when I created a really nice button purely…

August 4, 2013 2 comments