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The Salix Legacy: Addie comes to Crumpleton

[Blaugust Day 27] Back at the beginning of the month, I mentioned how I wanted to start a new challenge in a new Sims 3 world. The world I picked was the British-inspired Crumpleton, and it has taken me that…

August 27, 2015 No comments

A town named Crumpleton

[Blaugust Day 5] Today’s post is quite late today because again I’ve been drawn in The Sims 3, one of my favorite games. Between re-reading Alice and Kev and getting nostalgic from listening to the game’s soundtrack, I’ve decided to…

August 6, 2015 3 comments

Sims 3 Legacy: Bringing in the 2nd generation

Continuing the soap opera that is Terra Nova’s life, things were not great but not bad. She was still alive unlike her predecessor, and although her new husband turned out to be a lot older than she expected, she was…

May 5, 2015 No comments

Unusual ways to make money in The Sims 3

I’ve discovered that I quite like the Legacy Challenge in The Sims 3, especially the beginning when you’re strapped for cash which adds a fun challenge to the game. I’ve also started a couple new saves with an even more…

April 9, 2015 No comments

Sims 3 Legacy, Attempt #2

After the unfortunate demise of my previous founder, I started over again with a new founder who I also named Terra Nova. I hoped that using the same name wouldn’t automatically doom this character too. This Terra settled on a…

December 21, 2014 No comments

The rough start of a legacy

One of the gaming blogs that I follow is, which is not just about MMOs but also a lot of different games. One of the games Stargrace talks a fair bit about is The Sims 3, in particular her…

November 21, 2014 No comments