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Growing by leaps and bounds

As the saying goes, “People who live in stone houses shouldn’t throw horses.” Or something like that. The guy who said it the other day was mostly grumbling to himself and stumbling down the road with a jug of sour-smelling…

May 13, 2011 5 comments

Terhenetar, our virtual home

In the Finnish epic the ‘Kalevala’ Terhenetär is a sprite associated with mist and forests. Names mean a lot to me and Vahkt, so it should be no surprise that it took us a few days to decide what to…

May 9, 2011 No comments

First impressions

I had some new screenshots of the progress Vahkt and I have been making on our little homestead but unfortunately I can’t access my home computer right now from work. So they’ll have to come at a later date. My…

May 5, 2011 2 comments

What is Wurm Online?

I had mentioned on Friday that I was planning to play Wurm Online for the entire weekend and I was true to my word. In fact, playing Wurm is pretty much all I have been doing in my free time…

May 4, 2011 11 comments

Shaping the world around you

I’m going to start waving my old lady cane around and talk about how things were “when I was a young’n.” Back then, we did have a computer with games, TV, and a gaming console. However, the computer was running…

April 29, 2011 No comments
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