A clean slate

It’s kinda funny how I’ve had the notice up on the main page for a long time now, saying that I was going to do something with the Lair.

Then some a**hole spammers came along and somehow managed to insert their Viagra links into all my pages. All of 200+ of them.

I tried to fix it, only to have them come back and mess everything up again. This called for a purging, wiping the slate clean.

I downloaded all the files, backed up all the databases…and then deleted it all. Every cloud has a silver lining right? I took this as a reason to start over again. To make the Lair into something great again. To make it home instead of a neglected space.

I’ll try to clean up and repost as many of those old pages as I can. I can’t guarantee when and where though. I’ll tuck them away somewhere for archive purposes but nothing more.

The Lair has to evolve because I have evolved. Like they say, the only constant in the universe is change.

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