I was updating the About page with some favorite movies and authors as well as some random tidbits about me when I noticed the date. It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween (or Samhain depending on what you believe in) and I remembered a free form poem that I had written around this time a few years ago. I was attending the University of Manitoba at the time and taking a Literature and Horror class which, coupled with the time of year, is probably why I came up with such a dark piece.

My favorite thing to do with this poem is to show it to people, who always tell me their interpretation of it and then ask me what I meant when I wrote it. I always smile in response and merely say that it’s whatever they want it to mean. No one has ever come up with the same interpretation.

I sit, wait.
Where are others?
Take too long.
Wind come.
Sun go down.
Trees move.
Tree shadows not move.
Too many,
Too large.
Not tree shadows.
Place not good.
Wind make fire dim.
I wait too long.
Should leave.
Sun gone,
Only fire now.
I talk to Shadows.
No answer.
Wind stronger.
Fire now small.
No more wood.
Now Shadows move.
Shadows not part of trees.
Shadows laugh, whisper, dance.
Dance around fire.
Dance wrong.
Too quick,
Too loud,
Too jerky.
Shadows talk now.
Strange talk with no words.
I not like this.
Shadows make fire go.
No light,
Only night.
Others not come ever.
I scared.
Try to run but cannot leave.
Shadows grab throat of me.
Claw, scratch, squeeze.
No air.
No breath.
I fight but Shadows too strong.
Shadows laugh, whisper, dance…

Only dark, only quiet.

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  1. A man sits alone by a fire. He hopes that the light will chase away shadows, but they come anyway, unafraid. They fill his vision, then his thoughts. He is a man no longer….they have made him one of them….

    Just the first thing that came to mind when I read this.

    Not sure if you remember me at all, it’s been years since we last spoke… Randomly decided to look you up again. See what the goings on are…

    ~ An old friend – circa 2009 (ish)

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