Amazing Nightingale Armor Cosplay

One of my secret passions in life is beautiful yet functional armor, especially on female characters. None of this exposed midriffs and bare legs. I think I’ve actually developed an eye twitch from the number of times I’ve seen senseless cleavage windows. (I have an issue with boob armor too but that’s something I’ll generally let slide.) So when I see armor that both protects and looks amazing/badass, it’s a cause for me to rejoice.

The cosplay outfit below is the Ebony armor in Skyrim, which coincidentally is the armor that my own character is currently wearing apparently the Nightingale light armor which I had never seen before. Slightly sad that it’s not suppose to be metal armor but it is still one beautiful set. Viewtiful Design did a spectacular job of recreating it. My first thought when I saw it was something like “OMG IT’S SO AWESOME I WANT TO BUY IT!!!” And then my second thought was “How is is that ice hasn’t collapsed and sent her tumbling into the river?”

I found it on the Babes in Armor Tumblr which I would highly recommend you to follow if you already don’t. You should also trawl the archives of Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor, which is no long being updated. /sadface

So I say to you game designers: This is how female armor should be designed.


Un cosplay de Skyrim en su hábitat natural.

THAT’S how you do a sexy Skyrim cosplay.

(via notjustanarmor)

via Babes in Armor (thegameisalife: Un cosplay de Skyrim en su…).


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