Why does this distrubing trend in some game ads continue?

I always have Adblock Plus on because I hate pretty much all ads ever made. (Yet I work in Marketing. Go figure.) But I had seen the ads for Evony which featured buxom and scantily-clad women referring to the viewer as “My lord”. I had rolled my eyes and put it in the back of mind, hoping it was an isolated incident that would go away. Oh how naive I was.

Apparently they are nothing compared to Wartune or Scarlet Blade ads. I’m afraid to know what other games have ads like this.

I guess nothing brings in the players faster than excluding 50% of the world’s population off the bat or eluding to rape.

Excuse me while I go donate to Adblock Plus and then go get some brain bleach or a stiff drink. Probably both.


“It began with Evony, which discovered its success was directly proportional to how nudey its banner ads became. That all anyone found when they got there was an Age Of Empires rip-off didn’t seem to matter. There had been boobs, and there then were players. And Wartune certainly isn’t alone in performing this. An especially unpleasant and disturbing example doing the rounds at the moment belongs to a game called Scarlet Blade.”



    1. It also makes you question how good the game is when all they have to offer is boobs (which aren’t even in some of the games according to the article).

      But yeah, the whole thing is just sickening. I guess they don’t realize that almost half of the gamers are women now.

  1. Sex sells, as some might say. Even an ad for a certain brand of roof sealant made use of a provocative (well, yeah, although the footage in question isn’t scantly-clad) clip of a woman applying the stuff while flaunting a pose.

    1. Alright, I can live with the whole “sex sells” thing. But I’d like to know where the ads featuring the hot bare-chested men are. And they would be saying things like “I’m here to please you, my lady” or “He has no safe word.” Also, where are the “Female gamers only” games? I’d love to see some of that.

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