A MST3K Halloween – Hobgoblins

Riding the wave of ’80s Gremlins rip-offs is Hobgoblins, our film for Day 3.

How bad is it? 2.3/10 on IMDB. I’m surprised it’s even that high.

Why is it so bad? A group of hobgolins are stuffed into a tiny flying saucer that happens to crash land in a movie studio parking lot. Somehow, they can kill you with your fantasies and boy do the main characters have some strange ones. The solution? Put them in an old movie vault that anyone can and will get into. An exciting fight with garden rakes! The hobgoblins escape on a golf cart. Awful, awful ’80s dancing. One of the couples do it every chance they have like a pair of rabbits on cocaine (thankfully offscreen). There’s a place in the movie called “Club Scum”. And of course the answer to everything is the long-standing movie tradition of…explosives.

Watch the whole thing on YouTube!

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