A MST3K Halloween – Squirm

Day 4’s film Squirm is brought to you by the deep, deep South.

How bad is it? 4.4/10 on IMDB. I have no idea how it got rated that high.

Why is it so bad? The big bad monsters in this movie are…earthworms. A lot of earthworms turned into flesh-eaters after being electrocuted. I’m not sure how that works either. “C’mon, no one’s that Southern.” The antiquing city-slicker gets knocked out by a flimsy sheet of particle board (and he’s the hero of the movie). After the extensive searching for Mr. Beardsly, the couple finds a skeleton in his yard…and have no idea who it could be. Creepy children’s songs. The line “You gonna be da’ worm face!”

Watch it all on YouTube, plus the bonus short A Case of Spring Fever, which turns out to be more terrifying than Squirm.

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