A MST3K Halloween – The Final Sacrifice

Today is Halloween and the last day of this MST3K Halloween-a-thon. So it is my pleasure to present to you one of my all-time favorite episodes, the Canadian-made The Final Sacrifice.

How bad is it? 2.3/10 on IMDB

Why is it so bad? This movie teaches you how to make a Canadian cult: First, wear rubber boots and a black trench coat with the collar turned up, and speak in a demonic voice. Next, convince a bunch of guys to wear ski masks and sleeveless shirts. Then, get them to chase some random kid with a map because reasons. Even though the kid gets away on a bike, despite being chased by car. Also, there’s using a chainsaw to get through a door that you could just, you know, kick in. The name Zapp Rowsdower. Hockey hair and plenty of beer. An advanced, ancient civilization that disappeared when it sank into the ground (it happens all the time in Alberta). A hermit who sounds and looks like Red Green.

Compared to some of the other movies here, it’s not that bad (it’s no Manos after all). It was made as a student film on a $1500 budget so they do have some excuses. But the SOL crew does such a great job of riffing it that no matter how often I watch this episode, I still howl with laughter.

As always, the full epsiode is available on Youtube.

I hope everyone has a happy (and spooky) Halloween! And I’ll leave you with this:


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