Sims 3 Legacy, Attempt #2

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After the unfortunate demise of my previous founder, I started over again with a new founder who I also named Terra Nova. I hoped that using the same name wouldn’t automatically doom this character too.Terra Nova (the 2nd)

This Terra settled on a different lot than her predecessor, one in the middle of town rather than on the edge so traveling would be easier.

The mostly empty lot in the center
The mostly empty lot in the center

Due to some custom content I downloaded, she was able to buy slightly cheaper furnishings and bought a few more things, including more than one chair and a chess set. Big spender, I know.

Still only one wall for the toilet though
Still only one wall for the toilet though

Terra’s lifetime wish was to be a hit movie composer (level 10 in the music career, symphonic path) so she too spent lots of time at the community center, reading logic books or practicing on the music instruments there. While she was there, it seemed cruel to hit on Darren again when he was still heartbroken over Terra the first dying. Luckily he wasn’t the only man who was there frequently. There was also Josh, the cute firefighter.

Josh the firefighter

They had the Frugal and Genius traits in common so they immediately hit it off with each other. Josh was also Friendly and Easily-Impressed so in no time at all, Terra managed to win him over and they spent some time star gazing outside the community center.

Terra and Josh stargazing

Then Josh needed to leave and their impromptu date came to an end. But now that they had such a good relationship with each other, it would be easy for them to meet again. At least that’s what I thought. It turned out that Josh’s fifth trait was Workaholic, which meant he absolutely loved working overtime. Terra would call him and he would often say that he was busy for a long while, sometimes up to 17 hours! The only times she would manage to catch him is when he was visiting the community center and he’d often have to leave quickly to sleep or go to work.

In the meantime, Terra continued to raise her music and logic skills, earning promotions at her job and eventually hoarding enough money to build a small house. It was only one room but at least she now had walls and a roof over her head. She could also afford a desk and the cheapest computer available.

She also adopted a kitten which she named Felis, mostly to see how the Pets expansion worked.

I thought a cat would be better since they wouldn’t need to socialize as much. Boy was I wrong. The little guy got so lonely that eventually animal services came and took him away. So I said bugger it and Terra got a scarlet kingsnake instead. All she had to do was keep it fed, spending any time with it was just a bonus.


One day, Terra finally managed to track down Josh at the community center and decided she was tired of chasing him down. So she did the only thing she could: pop the big question.

You wouldn't be so damn tired if you stopped working 17 hour days!
You wouldn’t be so damn tired if you stopped working 17 hour days!

Thankfully for my sanity’s sake, he accepted and at least I knew I wouldn’t have to chase him anymore. So Terra wasted no time getting her bachelorette party out of the way, which took place at the local disco club and involved dancing and umm…fire for some reason.

I did not choose that dress
I did not choose that dress

Then it was onto the wedding and I spent what I could from Terra’s limited budget to create a partying place in the yard, since there was definitely not enough room inside her house. She invited everyone she knew, and then she and Josh were finally able to tie the knot.

Not minutes after the ceremony was done, it turns out that it was Josh’s birthday and Terra’s brand new husband turned into an elder.

Josh then went directly to sleep and Terra was left to eat her wedding cake with the last party guest, some guy she barely knew.

The wedding cake of disappointment

*sigh* But hey, at least she wasn’t dead!

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