Tapestries and new Wurm music

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Wurm but now I have some exciting news that I want to share!


The dev team has been working on adding more decorative items which are sorely needed in Wurm. Among them are tapestries, an idea that I love because they’re strongly associated with Medieval times and there have been next to no wall decorations before. They are still working on implementing them but in the meantime, Wurm’s PR officer RedBaron held a competition for players to submit their art to be placed on an new in-game tapestry. After I saw some other players had submitted their own Photoshopped screenshots, I decided to try it myself for fun. I spent several hours creating a bunch of submissions, submitted them, and then promptly forgot about the whole thing because I never thought I would win. You can imagine my surprise when a friend congratulated me after I was announced as the winner!

That blood on the altar definitely was not on my original submission though.
That blood on the altar definitely was not on my original submission though.

Winning was bittersweet though as several players thought that screenshot-based submissions shouldn’t have been allowed, citing reasons such as them not being “real art” or “taking 5 seconds to make”.  I won’t copy/paste the long post I wrote in response to those people here, but I will say that it did take skill and effort to make my submissions. Maybe not as much as a painting (physical or digitally-made) but I did not whip them up quickly. It’s things like this that kind of make me glad that I don’t associate more with the general player base.

Regardless, my Mag priest Thorun who is featured in the winning submission will now be forever immortalized in-game. If you’d like to see all of the tapestries I submitted, I’ve uploaded them to imgur.

Battle & Adventure Album

If you’ve read my last Tune Den post, you know that I love the Wurm Online soundtrack. So I was excited to see that a third album titled Battle & Adventure had been released with seven new compositions. As with the first two albums, I’ve uploaded the tracks to YouTube and added them to my soundtrack playlist. It was hard for me to pick one to use as a sample but I decided Turmoiled Souls might be the best.

The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.com.

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