Want your own Normandy C.I.C. bag?

Since I posted about my own C.I.C. messenger bag back in July, I’ve had a few people privately ask me for the design so that they can have their own bags made. Since the Bioware Store hasn’t added it back to their products list, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to make the design freely available.

What you’ll download is a ZIP file containing the original Illustrator (AI) file, a PDF format of the design, and a PNG preview image. You can then send one of these to a printer to have it added to your bag of choice. They should be able to work with the AI file but if not, the PDF should suffice. If you decide to get the same bag as I did through Crawlspace Studios (who did an awesome job as I mentioned before), they will take the AI file.

If you do get your own bag made, link to a picture of it in the comments! I’d love to see the design in use. Also, if someone made a red-on-black version, I bet it would look amazing.

My final design
My final design

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