Better late than never #NBI2015

Newbie Blogger InitiativeI’ve known about the Newbie Blogger Initiative for years, probably since it started back in 2012. Of course it only comes out of the back of my mind when another blogger I follow writes about in May, but that’s besides the point. I had taken a peek at it before but I never felt like it was somewhere where I would belong. I started blogging on Petoholics Anonymous back in 2007, a newbie I am not. But I also never thought of myself as someone who could be a blogging mentor. Hell, I struggle with posting just once a week after all. And as someone who just cannot keep up with Twitter, I’m not much of a member of the blogging community. So I’m neither a newbie or a mentor, and most of the time I’m late to knowing about it anyways. So I’ve always let it pass by without remark, just silently watching from the sidelines.

This year though, Syp from Bio Break (who I’ve only recently subscribed to) said something that caught my eye.

If you are a former blogger or a largely lapsed one, the NBI can be a tremendous encouragement to “get off the couch” and get back to writing. It’s so much more enjoyable to write alongside a community than isolated, and I’ve witnessed many people enjoy a blogging renaissance through this.

Well, that’s something that kind of sounds like me. Alright, I’m not exactly lapsed but I do want to blog more. I just can never seem to find the motivation or I get writer’s block at the worst time. But perhaps with some ideas from the community, I might be able to hit my once a week goal. Maybe…maybe even twice a week? Baby steps, Faeldray, baby steps.

So after a few hours of hemming and hawing and worrying whether I really belonged there, I finally forced myself to just write a damn introduction in the forums and hit the “Post” button before I could change my mind. It’s done, there’s no going back now. But I already have an idea for post tomorrow, so this is already looking to be a step in the right direction.


  1. WElcome to the NBI, and that blogging wall seems to be very real haha. hopefully we can add a little motivation and inspiration for you.

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