Sims 3 Legacy: Bringing in the 2nd generation

Continuing the soap opera that is Terra Nova’s life, things were not great but not bad. She was still alive unlike her predecessor, and although her new husband turned out to be a lot older than she expected, she was still happy with him. So happy in fact that they did a little “woohoo-ing” the next day.


And then boom! She’s pregnant and puking up her lunch just a couple of days after that.


But, one of the requirements for the legacy challenge is to continue it for 10 generations, so Terra would just have to live with it.

Being a workaholic, Josh wanted to reach the top of his career as a fireman, so he immediately set to improving everything in the house to increase his handiness skill.


Meanwhile, Terra waddled around the house in really uncomfortable looking high heels that must have been killing her ankles.


Luckily she only had to put up with that for a few days before she went into labor (while Josh was at work of course), hailed a taxi for a ride to the hospital, and emerged with the second generation of the Nova family, a little girl she named Venus.


Despite Josh being unable to be there for her birth, he couldn’t have been happier to have a baby girl.


Since Terra was quite far along in her career, she’s the one who took a break to take care of Venus. I found out rather quickly that babies are an annoying life stage because there’s nothing they can do on their own and they need constant attention. Thankfully, they age into toddlers rather quickly who still need care but can at least move around and play with toys.


It’s probably a good thing that Josh could keep on working because the only other firefighter was a old woman who walked around with a cane. Having the only two firefighters in town be elderly people wouldn’t fill me with confidence.


Josh worked hard at keeping fit and spry, and actually made quite an awesome firefighter, while still finding time to spend with Venus.

Meanwhile, Terra worked on expanding the house to accommodate their newest member of the family, taught Venus to walk and talk, and then aged up to an elder shortly before Venus became a child.

Now that she was able to go back to work, Terra quickly maxed out her guitar skill and her career (her lifetime wish), and decided to start painting in her spare time.


Venus turned out to be a Genius like her parents and began challenging them to chess matches. When she wasn’t playing Queen of the High Realm that is.

It all seemed to go by too quickly because suddenly Venus was a teenager who was dying her hair bright red and learning how to drive from Terra. It was a nerve-wracking experience for them both, let me tell you. Josh did his parenting share by helping out with her homework.

The day after Venus’s birthday, Josh was working out at the firehouse when he suddenly keeled over (I imagine from a heart attack) and got to meet Death.


Terra and Venus were understandably heart-broken over this.

Venus coped by crying into some guy’s shoulder and learning martial arts.

Not that her dad didn’t come back from the grave to play solitaire on the computer.


This didn’t stop Venus from becoming an honour student and eventually growing up into a fine young adult, which made Terra so proud.


It seemed that Venus carried some of the original Terra’s bad luck though, because the morning after this birthday, Death crashed the party again by coming for Terra.


And proceeded to rub it in by hanging around to get a drink and play Terra’s guitar.

Which led Venus to this conclusion: Death is an asshole.

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