Mastery level 20 gives you wings!

Just a short post before bed here, folks. There’s been lots of Trove playing once again, mostly because I managed to get Lord Crumb hooked on it. He tried it out one evening and when I joined him, he was already a level 4 Neon Ninja (although that only takes about 15 minutes to get to) so I decided to join him. I picked a random class that I had at level 4 as well which happened to be my Shadow Hunter. By the end of the evening, we were past level 10.

Currently we’re both at level 16 in our classes, mostly just from logging in and filling up our daily cubits bar. We often get sidetracked by shiny ores though. I’ve also been playing a bit on my own when he’s not around and I’ve been trying out all of the classes to see which ones I like best. The only ones I haven’t unlocked yet are the Pirate Captain, Ice Sage, and Fae Trickster. I’m really digging the Candy Barbarian which reminds me a lot of playing a tank in WoW. The more enemies around me, the faster I kill and the bigger my self-heals. I can almost hear my character bellowing “YOUR PUNY ATTACKS ONLY FEED MY RAGE, MORTALS!”

Candy Barbarian
While sporting yellow cat ears

Levelling up all of these classes raised my mastery level (my character’s overall level) to 20, which unlocked a free pair of wings. I have to say, they are a heck of a lot of fun. I might just only be able to glide around but it’s still a blast to do so. Lord Crumb is a bit jealous since he doesn’t have any wings yet and has been calling me all sorts of names as a result (good-naturedly of course). I may be rubbing it in his face just a little bit too.

Gliding in Trove

Oh yes, and while Lord Crumb and I have made our own club “Crow and the Servos”, I’ve also joined the Waiting for Rez club that Ironweakness has started. I’m really glad that you can join up to 5 clubs so I don’t feel like I have to divide my loyalties.

I’m afraid that any posts in the next week will likely be short and infrequent. As I mentioned briefly in my last post, Lord Crumb will be arriving for his visit on Thursday and I have a lot of cleaning and other things to do before he gets here, so my blogging time with be very limited. I could have done some of the cleaning in the weeks past but 1) it’s hard to keep things hair-free with a German Shepherd in the house, 2) I hate cleaning, and 3) I put the “pro” in “procrastination”. But 3 out of 5 rooms have been done and my car is now the cleanest it has been in years. I imagine Lord Crumb won’t be happy when he reads this because he’s told me several times that I do not have to clean because he’s visiting. Unfortunately for him, I am a “stubborn git” as he would call me.*

Oh, and I shall also prepare some scheduled posts for the 2 1/2 weeks that he’s here. I’m sure I’ll find time somewhere.

*I don’t know if he actually called me this yet but it would be something that he would say.

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