A town named Crumpleton

[Blaugust Day 5]

Today’s post is quite late today because again I’ve been drawn in The Sims 3, one of my favorite games. Between re-reading Alice and Kev and getting nostalgic from listening to the game’s soundtrack, I’ve decided to hop back in with a new challenge and a new world. The challenge will be trying to help a runaway girl survive all alone and the world I picked is called Crumpleton. It’s a British-inspired world and while I have had it for a while now, I will admit that spending so much time with Lord Crumb has encouraged me to finally play it.


I really like the architecture, lots of stone and brick as well as some beautiful lots. Like the library.


And the nectary.


And so many townhouses. Apparently that’s a big thing in England.


It even has both beach front property and idyllic farmland.



But I couldn’t just dive right in. Oh no. First I must customize ALL THE THINGS! In particular, I like making sure that there’s no empty lots (that I’m not reserving for later), all of the items/buildings loaded correctly, and that all of the lot types I want are in town.

In this case, one of the first things I did was fix the festival grounds, which for some reason were not set up properly. I don’t know if it was an oversight by the creator or if my version of the map loaded funny.


Then I added the renaissance faire lot, for obvious reasons.


One of the lots that was missing was the big show venue and none of the ones I have in my library really fit the setting. Then I remembered Lord Crumb telling me about outdoor music festivals over there, and how we have something called “Shakespeare in the Ruins” over here. And so my own custom big show venue was born.


This version of Crumpleton makes use of rabbit hole rugs which are turning out to be very handy. They make it so much easier to build things like strip malls and custom buildings that can be decorated and visited. I’d like to also try having a “homeworld university”, where students wanting to take university courses don’t have to leave their town. I’ve already requested the rabbit hole rugs for those buildings from Simsl3gacies but I haven’t heard anything back as of yet (I imagine she’s busy).

At least there’s still plenty to do in the meantime. Such as all of those townhouses are undecorated and it’s bothering me. Hmmm, I wonder if I should implement a subway system too…

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      1. Absolutely. And a great example of storytelling in the Sims – better by several light-years than anything I ever managed with blogging about the game.

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