Bargrisar is an arse

[Blaugust Day 8]

Lord Crumb and I were suppose to play War in the North again but we’ve come across an issue. That is, we’ve come across a game-breaking bug. It started when I loaded my game and invited him, only to find out that his progress had somehow been set back to an earlier chapter. By playing with me in my game, achievements and saving would be disabled for him. We thought the solution would be simple: have him host the game and get him caught up to Chapter 4, the same chapter as me. All we had to do for that was to complete the last part of Chapter 3, killing Bargrisar the giant.


Since we had already done this fight, it was fairly easy and we were soon looting his corpse. But when Lord Crumb pressed E so we could continue…nothing happened. No matter how much he spammed it, we simply could not continue. So we quit and tried again. And again. No matter what we tried, as long as Lord Crumb was hosting the game, we could not get past this point. Hosting my game didn’t work because just as we were warned, his saving was disabled. Searching the internet for an answer gave us one that we really didn’t want to hear: Lord Crumb’s save was irreversibly broken and he’d have to start a new save at level 1 and play through chapters again until he was caught up to me. Which could be an additional 13 hours for him. And there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t happen again or wouldn’t occur on another boss.

There’s a lot of bugs and glitches I’m willing to overlook in games, but not something like this. There aren’t even previous saves he can go back to, just the single bugged one. How can it be almost 4 years after War in the North was released and they still haven’t patched this? It’s very frustrating, even more so for Lord Crumb. In all likelihood, we’ll be abandoned the game for a while and possibly never coming back, especially when there are less bug-filled ones out there.

But I digress. I’d like to finish this post on a slightly humorous note so here’s evidence that Eradan really doesn’t know how to use a bow.



No wonder he barely does any damage. We’re probably lucky he hasn’t shot himself yet.

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