Duo-ing Uber 3 Shadow Arenas

[Blaugust Day 23]

The other day while Lord Crumb and I were playing Trove, I told him how I had read that Jeromai soloed an Uber 2 shadow arena on his knight. The only shadow arena we had been in so far was a U1 that we stumbled across just as a bunch of folks opened the portal. We had not idea what was going on then and seeing it was our first time in an Uber area, we were very squishy and nearly died a lot.

But now we had two tanky classes at level 26 and we had a better idea of what we were doing. If he could solo a U2, surely we could duo one. Besides, we both needed the rare fish that you could only get within a shadow arena. So first we spent some time searching for a U2 arena, found one, and found it pretty easy with the two of us. Then the server crashed and we went off to play something else.

A couple days later, we were in Trove and had enough time to some arenas. Since U2 wasn’t particularly challenging, we opted for a U3 instead. I managed to capture them on Twitch so I created a video of us fighting our way through 3 of them. We ended up doing more but you get the idea.

As you can see, there’s 5 waves of enemies. The first four alternate between a bunch of regular enemies and two mini-bosses that are randomly themed. The last wave is one mega-boss that’s always the same, the “black dog” as Lord Crumb calls it. The layout of the arena is random although here we got the spiky one two times in a row. A random class also gets double damage so there’s incentive to get all of your classes high enough to do arenas. Lord Crumb actually switch to his neon ninja for that reason in the last fight.

The U3 arena was tougher (it feels like Uber areas scale exponentially rather than linearly) but still not terribly hard. Even though we both have self-heals (and my candy barbarian has a party heal), we still went through a few flasks throughout the fights. Luckily, you can just refill after each arena before heading to the next.

It was fun and now that we know we can do it, we won’t be afraid to simply duo them in the future. And we’ll be going back sometimes anyways since while I was able to catch the rare fish, Lord Crumb wasn’t so lucky. Time for us to get more key components then.

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