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[Blaugust Day 14]

Every once in a while, I get messages sent through my contact form that Akismet doesn’t mark as outright spam. So far I’ve been asked if I could write articles for a WoW site (even though I haven’t played in over a year), if someone could write a guest post here in exchange for money, to review gaming apps, and the strangest of all was to review a company that made “manly” gift packages in wooden crates. Needless to say, all of those were completely ignored. But yesterday I got one that was not only interesting, but very timely as well.

Just the other day I was thinking that there must be a better way to search through MMOs. For example, I’d like to find something that’s sandbox-y, skill-based or at least switchable classes, no PvP or at least avoidable PvP, and features both housing and crafting. But it’s hard to search for that via Google or any other MMO list site that I found. It seems that the developer César was similarly frustrated and so he created MMO+.

I took a quick peek and it looks to be the beginnings of a fantastic MMO database. The filters are incredibly helpful and detailed. My first search for a sandbox game with no PvP only came up with Everquest II (why do so many sandbox games have to be based around PvP anyways?) but my second search that didn’t exclude PvP entirely came up with a few more games. One of them is Project: Gorgon which a lot of other bloggers have been talking about lately and has been on my radar ever since Mania of Petopia fame mentioned she was working on it. I never actually got around to trying it out through all of these years so I might have to change that. Anyways, here is César’s message:

Hi! A few weeks ago I developed a tool/website for the MMO community, and I’m trying to get some help and exposure from the ones that do more than playing: podcasts, blogs, listeners and readers. The tool is a MMO database with lot’s of filters applied with logic operators, allowing the players to look for desirable characteristics in the games, and avoiding the ones they don’t like. As I’m writing this the database consists of 64 games and growing, but I can’t play thoroughly every game, and I’m asking the community for help completing and correcting the database. You can check it out here: If you think the site could be useful, and you can spare a few lines for it, I would love to reach more MMO players. Thanks you for reading!

I’d love to help but the truth is, I don’t play that many MMOs these days. But I know a bunch of people who are…you guys! You folks are knowledgeable about a vast amount of MMOs and maybe some of you will help get the word out about MMO+ on your blogs. So give it a look, it’s pretty cool.

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