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[Blaugust Day 28]

Since I now have all of the classes at level 10 or higher, I think I can say that I have a pretty good idea how I feel about each of them. So here are my impressions:

Candy Barbarian


Okay, so the first one is my favorite class. With its dual melee weapons and the ability to leap through the air, I feel like I move around fast and things die quickly. The large health pool and two self heals makes it a pretty good tank as well. The biggest heal also heals any nearby players, increases everyone’s attack speed briefly, deals a good amount of damage, and comes in the form of a giant ice cream cone plummeting from the heavens. What’s not to like?



The gunslinger is my favorite ranged class. I love the dual pistols (I just like dual weapons in general). This class has this really neat ability where you can blast yourself into the air, and as long as you keep hitting an enemy, you will slowly float your way back down. In a group of melee enemies, I can stay in the air pretty much indefinitely and never take any damage. There’s also an occasional proc that lets you fire off a charged shot which does a nice amount of damage.



This class is just plain fun. My favourite part about it isn’t even that it has a boomerang or that you can use either a melee weapon or a bow, but the ultimate ability that tosses out a “mysterious urn”. There’s a variety of effects that randomly occur from this urn, but the best by far are the three chicken allies that come out and fight for you. Chickens of DOOOOOOOM! In addition, unlike the other classes, they don’t have an energy pool and instead rely completely on cooldowns.

Fae Trickster


Casters generally aren’t my thing (unless they’re healers) but I do like the fae trickster. It has the ability to spawn a mirror image that doesn’t attack but attracts enemies to hit it. It’s easy enough to just stand back and lob glitter bombs (you heard that right) into the pile of mobs until you need to spawn a mirror image again. Their ultimate is to spawn triplicates of their staff to attack for them, which is impressive looking.

Pirate captain


Like the boomeranger, this class is just fun and crazy. One ability gives your bird companion a cannon, causing it to cackle with glee and shoot things in the face. Jack-in-the-box style decoys are thrown down to attract enemies. A massive cannon is the ultimate ability. And somehow, hitting things causes you to collect doubloons which give you energy somehow. It’s a class of entertaining madness.

Neon ninja


The neon ninja feels like it’s so close to being a good class. There’s a lot of zipping around, tossing shurikens, and going in and out of stealth. But it feels too squishy to me. I don’t have any numbers but it feels like I’d put out the same amount of damage on my candy barbarian which has a much larger health pool and self-heals. It’s possible I’m not playing it correctly though.

Tomb raiser


Necromancers are something I usually stay away from (dead things are things to be killed, not allies) but the tiny minions that the tomb raiser summons are just so damn cute that it feels more like a regular summoner class. And I like challenging myself by trying to make a larger and larger bone golem every time I summon one. While I’d prefer a more permanent pet, this class is still fun to play.



The knight is probably the tankiest of the tanks, with an ultimate ability that heals to full heal and creates a temporary shield that reduces damage. As Lord Crumb mentioned once, it feels kind of like a warrior from WoW, what with the ability to charge all over the place and do a cone-shaped smash in front of them. The candy barbarian is still my favorite class but I think the knight comes in as a close second.



A lot of people seem to love the dracolyte but I feel kind of meh about it. I should love being able to turn a dragon as an ultimate ability but it just sort of feels unwieldy instead. I just feel that if I’m going to be in close-range anyways, I might as well play a melee class.

Ice Sage


Also feel kind of meh about the ice sage. Dropping icicles from the sky and freezing enemies is somewhat fun but the fae trickster feels more interesting. This class pretty much only gets used when it’s the preferred class for the hourly cache runs.

Shadow Hunter


I want to like you, shadow hunter, I really do. But your attack speed feels so slow and it seems like you hardly do any damage. Your traps don’t explode spectacularly, and your ultimate is lackluster. Being able to see enemies through walls isn’t a very good trade off when you have such few ways of dealing with them up close (or getting away from them quickly).

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  1. I can’t stand playing the Gunslinger. In open areas it’s okay, but in crowded spaces, the jump up feels awkward. My favourites are definitely the Candy Barbarian, the Pirate Captain and the Dracolyte (in this order). 🙂 I actually do like the Ice Sage. It’s fun to freeze enemies, hit them with your attacks and wait for the freeze to be over to see if you’ve dealt enough damage in the meantime. :p
    And absolutely agreed with the Shadow Hunter.
    I have all classes at 13+ now, because I collected mastery points for rank 100. But I’m not sure I can get them all to 20. Some, like the Shadow Hunter or the Gunslinger, are just not fun to play for me.

    1. It’s definitely not as easy to play the Gunslinger when there’s a low ceiling and the camera zooms in all the way but I still find it fun to blast off all the time. I don’t actively dislike the Ice Sage, I just find that there’s other classes I enjoy playing more. The Shadow Hunter is the only one that I’d really prefer not to play.

      For me, partnering up with someone for hourly caches gives me an excuse for pulling out the classes that aren’t my favorites. The fun of playing with a friend is enough to offset the class feeling meh.

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