One with Nature

[Blaugust Day 3]

The One with Nature achievement proved to be a little harder than the Isolated one. Not just because I had to hit a population of 400 instead of 300, but I couldn’t have any fields, pastures, or orchards, which are the most efficient ways of getting food.


Which left fishing, gathering, and hunting as my old food sources. Hunting and fishing aren’t terribly efficient and only get one type of food each, so the gatherers are where it’s at. They have a large range, sure, but they gather 4 different types of food and more of it per worker. So I ended up with a lot of little “outposts” consisting of a gatherers hut, hunting cabin, foresters lodge, storage barn, stockpile, and 4 houses.


I wish I could say it all went smoothly but in truth, it was a bit of a bumpy ride. When I was around 300 population, I got cocky and accepted too many nomads into my town. I knew that I would need more food but it wasn’t as easy as building a few fields. So despite me building fishing docks as quickly as I could (I thought they would be efficient enough), my 20,000 reserve of food slowly depleted and a third of my population starved to death. Not my finest moment but I was able to recover, albeit slowly. Any more nomads were rudely shooed away as well.

That is, until I was at 362 population and 40 nomads arrived at the townhall. These ones I welcomed with open arms and immediately got the achievement. I am a fickle master.


And then I promptly quit that game. Which means there’s only one more special achievement on my list, Uneducated!

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