The End of the War in the North

[Blaugust Day 25]

It is done. Even after Lord Crumb had the save-breaking bug, we managed to finish War in the North this past weekend.

Our eagle friends once again helped us out and I managed to get some great screenshots during the flying cinematic.

Later on, a giant spider tried to eat me. I like how there were special attacks like this (and the one where a troll tried to grapple me) that happen rarely and take you out of the regular hacking and slashing to struggle one-on-one with a monster that has you pinned. It made the combat more varied and interesting, and you never knew if or when this was going to happen to you.


Then we visited the house of a certain brown-robed wizard who I remembered from my days of playing LotRO.


And finally we made our way to the Big Baddie’s fortress.


As we were slaying our way through orcs, I joked with Lord Crumb how they must look so incompetent to their superiors. There were only three of us and we had no problems cutting a bloody swathe through their ranks. I even managed to climb up an armored troll’s back and finish it off with a staff through the skull. (I love those special finishers)


Finally we made it to the last boss. The fight felt a little anti-climactic to me, I think I was expecting it to be harder. Lord Crumb’s dwarf did die once, something that hadn’t happened before. There’s been plenty of times when someone in our party was “knocked down” and needed to be revived by another, but either we took too long trying to revive him or he took a lot of damage accidentally and he outright died. We had to restart the section but somehow, I still felt it should have been harder. It might be because any time a ranged attack was used, I would just throw up my bubble of healing and awesome and we’d be immune to all ranged attacks. Even all of his lightning.

But then he was dead and we had done it. The North had been saved. Don’t ask me what happened to all of the orcs left over, I think a dragon ate them.


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