Video game crushes

[Blaugust Day 22]

There’s a Blaugust topic that’s making round currently where you list your video game crushes. Since it’s the sort of thing I do all the time (that is, get crushes on fictional characters), I knew I’d have to get in on this. So here we go…


Garrus Vakarian

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while knew this was coming. I’m completely head over heels for this Turian. Mostly for his sense of humor. It’s this wonderful mixture of self-deprecation, exaggerated bravado, biting sarcasm, and witty retorts that always had me laughing. His awkwardness is also endearing in a way and while he worried about getting romance wrong, he often gets it right. He’s loyal to the end and has a good moral compass to boot, just as long as he’s not bound by too many laws. And who could forget the scars?



Alistair is a lot like a human version of Garrus. Kind, funny, kind of awkward in a cute way, and good at killing things. Plus he has a British accent. I’m a huge sucker for that accent. The fact that he’s not romanceable in the later games kind of makes me not want to play them.


Aarin Gend

Everyone who’s played the original campaign for Neverwinter Nights seems to remember Aribeth, but not Aarin Gend. I suspect it’s Aribeth’s tendency to wear cleavage-revealing plate armor. *eyeroll* Aarin is the sort of rogue that just about any woman could fall in love with. He moves with grace, is soft-spoken, calm and confident, yet has a troubled and heart-breaking past. But as a good lord’s spymaster, he also has a sense of duty and honor. Basically, he has the “bad boy” qualities without actually being an asshole.


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