Out of commission for now

I was hoping to write more than this post this week but it seems it was not to be. The pain in my fingers has mostly gone away, only for me to get some pretty bad wrist pain. I don’t blame my new keyboard for this because I’ve barely been able to use it. Besides, I have more pain in my right hand and it tends to get worse from using the mouse. So I think this once again comes from overextending myself from Blaugust and possibly from the days leading up to it where I was working heavily on this blog’s redesign.

Needless to say, there’s been little game playing for me. Instead I’ve been binge-watching Netflix and I started reading The Martian which I’m quite enjoying. I like how more realistic/scientific it is, where it’s simply man vs. Martian environment instead of aliens invading or massive space battles. The protagonist is also pretty humorous despite his desperate situation and since the book is mostly made up of his journals, I’m often chuckling to myself as I read. I think I’d actually like to see the movie in theatres, which is something I haven’t wanted to do with a movie in years. I’ll just have to find someone to go with me.

I don’t know when I’ll be back to normal yet. My wrists seem to be getting better every day even though I still have to work at a computer for my job. To get my gaming fix, I might spend some time playing the Android version of Majesty since that’s the only mobile game that I found I liked so far. Other than that, it’ll be many, many episodes of MacGyver and more reading.

Take care, folks, and play some fun games for me.

September 18, 2015 No comments

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