The survivalist doctor

It’s been snowing heavily all day here (forecast says up to 20 cm) which had been just lovely for me. I love winter as I’ve said before, and there definitely was not enough snow on the ground for my liking.

As I was watching the flakes fall, it really made me want to play The Long Dark. My series for it has been postponed until my wrists get better, but damn do I want to play it right now.

To make the yearning even worse, yesterday Hinterland Studios added yet another region to explore. I haven’t even found all of the other regions yet!

But that wasn’t the end of it. On the same day, they also debuted their video trailer for Story Mode which is to be released this spring.

I have to admit, I hadn’t been waiting for Story Mode with baited breath. I was disappointed that while the Sandbox Mode had playable characters of both genders, Story Mode was only suppose to be about a male character named Will Mackenzie. So you can imagine how delightfully surprised I was when they announced that there would be a second protagonist, Dr. Astrid Greenwood!

Dr. Astrid Greenwood

Did I mention she looks totally capable of surviving a winter apocalypse? Because she certainly does. (Although Lord Crumb thinks she might be wearing fingerless gloves, which seems a little silly when it’s so cold.) But the many layers of clothes are spot on for a cold, snowy setting. I particularly like the mismatched boots since in Sandbox Mode, the majority of your gear is scavenged and those boots fit right in. And she’s voiced by Jennifer Hale. This just gets better and better.

Now I just have to make certain that my carpal tunnel is all gone by the time spring rolls around because I’m definitely going to be playing Story Mode now!

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