Glimpses of Darkness: Mystery Lake

I haven’t forgotten about my series The Long Dark Journey but I’m currently in no shape to write such long posts. Instead, I’ve begun a new save in The Long Dark where I aim to explore every maps in its entirety and document the various locations through screenshots. Most of the screenshots are of external locations since interiors are often poorly-lit and look similar to one another but there are a few here and there. I’ve also tried to get the screenshots as I’ve discovered the locations for the first time but sometimes it’s just the wrong angle or lighting and I have to come back later. Since there is no in-game map, I’ve been using the detailed maps that Whiteberry has created and they have been invaluable.

The first set of screenshots are from Mystery Lake, the map that I’ve explored the most in the past. I didn’t notice this when I took them but now that they’re all together, they create a rather haunting gallery that’s good to showing just how beautiful and lonely the game is.

Notes: It seems to forgot to take a screenshot of the Camp Office exterior so I included an older screenshot of that location. Also, the series name was suggested by Belghast.


      1. Those sound like great places to me. Places like that are wonderful, like they are the only places that let you relax and take in the surroundings without being overloaded.

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