The Storylet Experiment: Part 1

It wasn’t until Lily was merely a block away from home that she realized she was going to be home from work early. She had originally planned to spend some time in the library, but a sense of mindlessness had seized her after her visit to the physician and she had made her way home entirely by habit. She stopped then and coaxed her thoughts back to life. Yes, she would turn back and buy a couple of chicken pot pies from the bakery on the corner.

She managed to smile when she paid for her supper, and either she managed to be convincing enough or the baker’s son wasn’t paying much attention. Even though she would still be coming home early, it was late enough in the afternoon that it was plausible that Mr. Cleaver had simply closed up shop early. As she carried the steaming pies down the street, she wondered if she would even taste hers as she ate it.

Hands braced on the kitchen table, she took a long moment to compose herself for the journey to the upper level of the house. When she opened the icebox to pull out a milk bottle, she saw that her brother’s lunch was still neatly wrapped in wax paper, wholly untouched. Well, she needn’t have to worry about curtailing her emotions after all; exasperation would make an excellent cover.


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