Elder Scrolls Online: NPCs and sundries #IntPiPoMo

I have a bunch of ESO screenshots that didn’t fit into the scenery and groups/skyshards posts, so here they are in one big messy pile!

The Witches Festival


The Witches Festival was one of the reasons that I came back to ESO, mostly because I wanted to see what it was all about. It’s pretty neat, involving a quest for the Witchmother (pictured above) that took about an hour to complete if you didn’t have the materials. The reward was a castable buff called the Witchmother’s Brew that increased your experience gained by 100% and allowed you to collect Plunder Skulls from any kind of boss mob, which were filled with recipes and crafting motifs to learn.


To get the buff, first you had to blow the whistle that the Witchmother gave you to summon a murder of crows…


…which turn into a cauldron full of the brew that you drink from, turning you into a skeleton! The buff part of it only works during the event, but the skeleton polymorph can be used at any time.


It was during this event that I found out that if you have a conversation or menu open, you can hide the UI and get a screenshot with your character or the NPC you’re talking to off to the left side, which makes for some cool screenshots. This one of my skeletal character and of the Witchmother above were taken that way.


It works with crafting tables too!



I like Lyris Titanborn. She’s kind and interesting and kicks all sorts of ass. My own female Nord dragonknight was inspired by her and is like an older version of her.


Prophet, saying things like this is why you’re living alone in a damp old cave.


I’m not sure if Lazgara here is just really bad at her job or making her an ambassador was someone’s idea of a joke.


Every time I see this NPC, the barrel lid is floating in the air. At this point, it’s just a desperate cry for attention. Or a call for an exorcism.



Like the skyshards, the effect for the Mundus Stones (like the Standing Stones in Skyrim) is pretty if more subdued.


I only played Oblivion for like 10 minutes, but I’m pretty sure that’s an Oblivion gate.


Monkey-based paranoia or drank too much skooma? You decide.


I hate it when I go for a nice relaxing picnic and end up with a spear to the face.


I appreciate the little stories that the crafting gatherers send to you along with the mats they’ve gathered. But I’m concerned with the fact that they appear to be sending them from 138 years in the past, back in 1878.

IntPiPoMo: 50/50 + 10 bonus

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