Elder Scrolls Online: Scenery #IntPiPoMo

Find out more about IntPiPoMoI mentioned before that The Elder Scrolls Online is a really pretty game, which is probably why I’ve been take a lot of screenshots in my travels around it. So many in fact, that even after picking my favorites, there’s still enough to separate them into different posts. First up is one of my favorite things to take screenshots of: the scenery.

Tamriel is a kingdom that has a great variety of landscapes that all still manage to look related to one another. The designers went through a lot of work to add little details here and there that sometimes have no bearing on anything except to make the world feel alive, full of history, and gorgeous. But enough of my waxing poetical, here are the pictures:


An entryway inside Elden Root, a massive tree-city in Grahtwood.


Brilliant orange fungus-tree somewhere in Stonefalls.


A Skyrim tomb (barrow?) that you see while helping Lyris in Coldharbor.


One of the many atmospheric tunnels in Coldharbor filled with soul shriven. They aren’t aggressive or targetable, they just stand around like mindless zombies. Much creepier than real enemies.


A statue of Molag Bal in Coldharbor. To give you a sense of portion, those urns are about half a human in height. Talk about a massive ego.


The Prophet and Lyris Titanborn in The Harborage.


The Inner Sea Armature, one of the many Dwemer ruins that can be found throughout Tamriel.


Even the bleakness of Stonefalls has a special kind of beauty.


The Isle of Contemplation in Auridon.


A skyshard near the Isle of Contemplation.


Daggerfall harbour in Glenumbra.


The Mages Guild in Daggerfall. I love the architecture of this city. Also, ESO is about the only game I can stand to have light shafts and sun bloom turned on.


Inside Orsinium in Wrothgar. The way it’s built makes it feel like a real mountain city, with buildings piled on top of each other and winding streets. And it’s not even fully constructed. I wonder if we’ll ever see it finished.


The highlands of Wrothgar. It has a very Skyrim feel to it (including trolls, mammoths, and giants) which makes sense since it’s right next door to Skyrim. ESO takes place centuries before the events of Skyrim but it’s good to know what some things never change.


A really cool backdrop in the final boss room of The Banished Cells dungeon. Judging by the fact that we’re underground at this point, I think we’re looking into another dimension here.


I can’t remember which delve I took this in, I just thought it was a really nice effect.


Some random structure I came across in Grahtwood. I don’t know what goes on here, but I doubt I’d like it.

IntPiPoMo: 33/50


    1. ESO does feel different than most other MMOs so I could see why it would be harder to get into. I’m glad you’re able to enjoy it by proxy though. 🙂

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