Glimpses of Darkness: Ravine #IntPiPoMo

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Way back in May, I began a series called Glimpses of Darkness. The idea behind it is to explore the entirety of a map in The Long Dark and take screenshots of notable locations. While the first first post for Mystery Lake contained a whopping 37 screenshots, this one will have much less since it’s about a small transition zone simply named Ravine. Situated between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway, it’s a long and narrow area that consists of several waterfalls, a train derailment off the side of a cliff, and a rickety train bridge that is very unnerving to cross.

IntPiPoMo: 15/60

November 17, 2016 No comments /


    1. You can see a bit of it in the lower right corner of the last screenshot but yeah, it is pretty unnerving. There’s a spot where it’s partially broken and there’s just one thin iron rail to walk across. It always creaks dangerously there and despite knowing that, it always freaks me out a little.

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