Project Ozone 2 progress: The End (Part 1)

Originally this was just suppose to be a single post but after it became ridiculously long, I decided to split it into 3 parts.

In case the title doesn’t make it obvious, Lord Crumb and I are now finished with Project Ozone 2. We didn’t complete the quest book, but we did get to the point where we were growing tired of the pack and wanted to move onto something new. Still, we had a lot of work ahead of us to finish things up, which for me meant mostly decorating. Lots and lots of decorating. One of the reasons I wanted to get all this decorating done was because Froggy and Phenix wanted to do another video tour in our base. I ended up making a few more projects than anticipated and I don’t believe they expected our base to be so large, so what was supposed to be a single video about maybe 1/2 hour long ended up being 4 videos each about a 1/2 hour long.

They included me again to give the tour, and this time I was actually able to join them through voice chat. So if you’d like to hear me ramble on for an hour and some change while Froggy and Phenix say a lot of oohs and aahs, I’ve included a playlist of the four videos below.

While we have a lot of fun making those videos and it lets you see all of the base in one go, if you don’t want to watch them that’s fine too. In which case I have screenshots for you to peruse instead. So get ready for a big wall of pictures.

In the Botania area, I added the necessary blocks to make terrasteel.

I also created an Elven Gateway.

Now surrounding of the Botania area is an orchard of all the different Pam’s Harvestcraft trees, with a lit path going through it.

Our little pond has a dock setup on it with chests full of root beer, boats, and fishing rods for when we just want to kick back and relax.

One of the extra projects that I hadn’t originally planned on making is a gazebo with a bird bath and some flowers.

Next to the gazebo is Froggy & Phoenix’s Holiday Cottage which Lord Crumb did a wonderful job building completely unprompted.

He put their mini-mes inside…

… And even created custom paintings for decorations.

All of this seems like a really nice gesture…until you look in the basement.

Lord Crumb has a very odd sense of humor. Which would also explain why he built Tiny Cuba in the river going around our base.

Another new building is our Space Center.

Outside is a rocket ready on its launch pad, ready to visit far-off planets.

Inside are all the machines required to build the rocket, as well as a good supply of canned apples for the trip.

The moon buggy on display is also fueled and ready.

In inside an inconspicuous room is a transporter…

…That takes you to the top of the redwood tree.

Our main entrance to the underground base is now an inn/shop whose design inspired by the Riverwood smithy in Skyrim.

It features a wrap-around porch that includes mail boxes for us both and benches to sit on.

On the east side of the house, facing the dock, is a cozy area with seating, a campfire, and food for us to snack on.

Inside is an elevator going downstairs…

…A few beds and some seating for visitors…

…And a little shop run by our mini-mes.

In the next part are all the updates we’ve done to the underground portion of our base!

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