What is the Lair?

The Lair of the Wolf Dragon has been the name of my personal website since I bought wolfdragon.net way back in 2004. In years past, it was this sprawling network of pages that varied greatly in topic, with their only commonality being that they were things I was interested in.

Some time in 2009, those pages were hacked and spam links were added to them, so I pulled them all down and replaced them with a WordPress blog instead. But it didn’t receive much attention until 2012 when I stopped posting to my WoW blog Petoholics Anonymous (and stopped playing WoW). Since then, I’ve been posting about the games that I play with a side of web design, programming, movies, music, and other assorted geekery.

Who is Faeldray?

I am a 30-something woman who is a web designer by day and a PC gamer by night (and have been for many years). Although sometimes I make websites in my off-time so that’s not entirely true. Anyways! When I’m not designing, gaming, or writing in this blog, I do a variety of activities including:

  • read fantasy/science fiction/zombie/steampunk books
  • watch fantasy/science fiction/zombie/crime shows
  • listen to Abney Park and video game soundtracks
  • watch action/fantasy/science fiction/zombie/horribad MST3K-RiffTrax type movies (sensing a pattern here?)
  • giving Zephyr, my German Shepherd mix, belly rubs and many treats

My trusty partner-in-gaming is Lord Crumb who still doesn’t know how to park properly.