Some Wurm Online 1.0 screenshots

I’ve only been able to play the updated Wurm for a few hours but so far it looks…FANTASTIC!

Redoing the floors and roofs of all my buildings will be a bit of a grind but I really like that you can pick the roofing type for each tile if you wanted. And being able to make multiple stories will be totally worth it. I haven’t played around with the multiple stories yet since I’d like to finish flooring and roofing my smithy and workshop first.

I love love LOVE the new horse models, which were inspired by the Friesian horse. It was the winner on a forum poll and I think it was a great choice. Horses are used in-game for both pulling carts and riding, with or without armor, so it makes sense to have a stockier looking breed, yet they still have a graceful appearance. Friesians were also used to carry armored knights back in the Middle Ages, so they’d fit right in Wurm’s fantasy setting. Did I mention that we actually sit on our horses now, instead of surfing them like before?

Everyone got a mirror in their inventory, which is a one use item that allows you to change your character’s appearance. It’s nowhere near the complexity of say Skyrim’s character customization, but for an MMO, it’d say there’s plenty of options. You can customize your head shape, hair style and colour, eye shape and colour, skin colour, complexion, nose, and chin/mouth. Women can customize their eyebrows while men can customize their facial hair. There’s about 5-7 options for each part which I think is a good number to have for each.

They’ve updated the clothing for characters too, so gone are the green tunics and pants! They’ve been replaced with natural toned clothing which looks more realistic. Although our characters must have hobbit-tough feet because apparently we walk around barefoot.

The visible armor is just amazing. I’ve always been a huge fan of realistic looking armor so to see my main kited out in her chainmail set…oh yes, I am definitely happy with that.

Anyways, I promised screenshots so here they are.

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