12Aug 2014

The slaying of giants and dragons

Wurm Online has this concept of uniques, which are kind of like world bosses. Only one unique can exist in a server at a time and they require a large group of players to kill. It used to be that uniques would spawn once on a server and once they were killed, they were gone forever. Recently the Wurm dev team decided to allow them respawn occasionally. This way, if you missed out on killing one on your server, you’d still have a chance in the future.
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31Jul 2014

Custom-made Normandy C.I.C. bag

Way back in 2009, I bought a personalized dragon messenger bag from a store on Etsy and five years later to the day, I was still using it every day. The edges on it are a little worn and one of the clasps has been broken for a while but I can say that it’s held up fantastically otherwise.

However, at the beginning of this month, I began thinking that I needed a change. Something bigger so I could carry more things if I needed to, and just something different. So I started with the basics: search for bags that had something to do with the games that I love. As I mentioned in a previous post, I freaking love the Mass Effect series. I had already bought the N7 Elite Hoody so it only made sense to search for Mass Effect bags as well.

In my searches, I came across two bags mainly. First was the N7 messenger bag. A beautiful bag to be sure, and I always love black. But then there was the Normandy C.I.C. messenger bag.

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08Jul 2014

Neverwinter Nights: Tales of Arterra

After talking about our new Xanadu deed, you’d think that I would be busy working on that. But nope, other than some terraforming, I haven’t even logged into Wurm for 2 weeks now. In a fit of nostalgia, I decided to download the Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition that’s been sitting on my GOG account for months. Then I grabbed some of my favorite modules and have been playing it ever since.

You see, way back in 2003, I bought the gold edition of Neverwinter Nights (NWN) when I saw it in an EB Games. (Back in the days when no one had heard of “digital distribution”. How did we ever survive back then?) I read the back of the box and it seemed like a good game, so I figured why not? Well, it wasn’t just a good game, it was a FANTASTIC game. I became enraptured by the amazing story telling in the original campaign and the expansion it came with, Shadows of Undrentide. When Hordes of the Underdark and Kingmaker came out, I bought them and devoured them as well. When those ran out, I found out about player-created modules and downloaded dozens of those as well. I don’t have a record of how many hours I spent in-game but I know that it’s no small number. NWN was my gateway drug into the world of RPGs and, in my opinion, still has some of the best story telling and gameplay of all time. It is one of my favorite games ever.

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