The Storylet Experiment: Part 8

Time, that was the problem. While Oren would probably outlive Lily now, he was barely strong enough to get out of bed. Lily surmised that she had maybe a month at most before she was no better off. So she needed to execute a plan fairly swiftly.

But what was her plan? The tram ride home from work gave her some time to mull it over. They were just only getting by, so purchasing an airship was completely out of the question. Perhaps they could be hired as help on said airship? But there were hundreds of people clamoring for those jobs and no one needed a clockworker bad enough to employ them full-time, especially not with an ill brother. They could try sneaking aboard one but a cough from either of them would have them found immediately. Working on one of the farms ringing the city during the day would provide them with clean air while they worked, but they would still need to come back to the city and its lucrite at night. There were treatments (expensive of course) but no cures yet, just a constant parade of snakeoil salemen eager to take the cash of the gullible.

As she eliminated possibilities one by one, one idea at the back of her mind only became more and more prominent. It was a ridiculous idea, bordering on suicidal. To leave the city limits was to sign your own death certificate. If bandits did not slaughter you during the day…well, then it would be the Nightmares that would come for you in the night.

The Storylet Experiment: Part 7

It was her mother and step-father that had kept Lily optimistic for so many years. Her mother had died first, having finally decided to go with voluntary anesthesia after years of dealing with lung rot. She had explained to Lily…

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The Storylet Experiment: Part 6

It wasn’t as though Lily had never thought of getting lung rot. No, it was something that was on everyone’s mind starting from childhood, as soon as they were old enough to understand. If one did not die from an…

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The Storylet Experiment: Part 5

Once Lily had picked up all of the delicate watch parts, she excused herself to use the washroom. But she walked right past it and out the backdoor, leaning against the stone wall in the alley. The fit came just…

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The Storylet Experiment: Part 4

Early one morning a week later, a rare northeastern gale swept up the lucrite smoke from the Energy District of the city and carried it over to the Greenhollow neighborhood. Lily stepped outside to see the heavy charcoal-black flakes drift…

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The Storylet Experiment: Part 3

After they ate their supper in silence, Lily tidied up while keeping an ear out for any sounds of distress as Oren bathed. He had one coughing fit so bad that she almost burst through the door with no regard…

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