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Good night and good luck

[Blaugust Day 2] Lord Crumb and I knew that the end of Dying Light was approaching. We had completed all of the side quests (even got an achievement for it) and were about 75% of the way through the main…

August 2, 2015 2 comments

Old Town and quarantine zones

The joys of surviving a zombie apocalypse continues! Since my last post about Dying Light, Lord Crumb and I have been progressing through the game at a steady pace. We’ve moved out of the Slums (the first map) to Old…

June 16, 2015 No comments

Explosions and other zombie fun

I posted some quick screenshots for Dying Light here and here, but I haven’t had a chance to talk much about it yet. So let me begin by summing it up for you… It’s fun. It is so much bloody…

June 6, 2015 5 comments

Screenshot Safari: The Scariest Place #NBI2015Safari

It’s time for my last entry for the Screenshot Safari and I thought it would be nice to go with one from Dying Light that I took just this week. Of course, it falls under The Scariest Places. This was…

May 27, 2015 2 comments

Tune Den: Dying Light and Woodkid

Lord Crumb and I are still making our way through the campaign of Divinity: Original Sin, but since we both got our new video cards delivered last week, we decided they should be tested out on a much graphics-heavy game….

May 12, 2015 2 comments