Tune Den: Dying Light and Woodkid

Lord Crumb and I are still making our way through the campaign of Divinity: Original Sin, but since we both got our new video cards delivered last week, we decided they should be tested out on a much graphics-heavy game. Something like Dying Light.

The graphics are indeed glorious. I was running about 40-60 FPS on the highest settings and he was running a solid 60 FPS, although he did upgrade his motherboard and CPU at the same time. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun exploring and bashing heads in that I forgot to take screenshots except for one where I was tormenting a zombie stuck on the other side of a fence. Then Lord Crumb asked me, “you’re going to blog ‘Today I taunted a zombie’, aren’t you?”

Zombie Taunting
The answer is yes, yes I am.

But there will be more on Dying Light in the future. What I really wanted to post about was one of the things that got me interested in Dying Light. Particularly, this cinematic video they showed at E3 2013.

It shows off all of the great things about Dying Light. The open world, the parkour, the zombies (of course), the crafting/ability to upgrade your weapons, and the multiplayer (even though the game doesn’t allow for you to have any character customization outside of clothes).

The awesome song that’s playing while zombies get smashed in the head with wrenches? It’s Run Boy Run by Woodkid, which has a real cool music video in its own rights. I especially like the creatures that look like they were made out of tree trunks.

It’s quite an appropriate song, since Dying Light is a game where you’re expected to outpace and outwit zombies rather than simply kill them all. Even if setting them on fire and electrocuting them is rather fun.


  1. I’m interested in picking up Dying Light sometime in the future. I have too many good zombie games in my Steam queue, but this one is getting a few glances from me lately. 🙂

    1. We’ve only played a few hours of it but it’s been pretty fun so far! Being able to play the campaign in co-op was one of the biggest sellers for me.

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