Neverwinter Nights: The Aielund Saga

Back in July I talked about one of my favorite player-made modules, Tales of Arterra. Today’s post is about my other favorite, The Aielund Saga.

While Tales of Arterra was only two parts, The Aielund Saga is made up of four acts, the last of which is separated into three parts. As such, it’s quite a bit longer than Tales of Arterra. The story is quite good and ends up leading to some high fantasy gameplay involving gods, angels, and demons. There’s plenty of amusing jokes throughout it and enough henchmen to choose from that if you want to learn all of their stories, you need to play through it several times.

These modules make use of a lot of custom models and textures, things that other members of the community created. So there are some gorgeous areas that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

The creator Savant (AKA Stephen L. Nowland) also wrote a series of books following the same plot. I haven’t read them but if they’re anything like the modules, I’m sure they’d be a good read.

Here’s the description of the first module, so I don’t give you any spoilers:

In the Kingdom of Aielund, trouble is brewing. While the King leads an army against enemies in the far west, the poorly-protected realm is under attack from brigands, goblinoids, and barbarians from the east.

And rumours of a conspiracy are growing as the remaining military forces do little to stem the tide. Into this vacuum of power steps a small band of daring individuals, who must try to keep the region intact while tracking down the conspirators who seek to divide up the land for themselves.

And here are a bunch of screenshots that I took while playing through the modules:

If you’re interested in playing The Aielund Saga, you can download all of the acts/parts in the Neverwinter Vault.

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