Screenshot Safari: High Fantasy #NBI2015Safari

My third submission to the Screenshot Safari is in the High Fantasy category and is from the game Divinity: Original Sin.

Divinity: Original Sin - Void

Here we are in the divine realm, having just defeated a void dragon thing with the help of a goddess. That swirly blue thing in the background is The End of Time, which is the end of everything really. It doesn’t get much more high fantasy than that!

For some bonus screenshots, we have:

My character Adelaide manifesting as air,

Divinity: Original Sin - Air form

Engulfed in flames that somehow protect her from fire damage,

Divinity: Original Sin - Fire shield

And finally, on the balcony of her home that’s somehow floating in space.

Divinity: Original Sin - Space balconey


  1. These are some amazing shots, especially that first one! Great choices for this theme.

    I need to play Divinity some more, but I kinda paused on it when I heard it’s going to come out with an extended version. I’m so early in the game, I may as well wait to see what’s added and play it all together from the start.

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